East of Tuscany and north of Rome, the quiet landscape of Umbria communicates a unique tranquility. J.M.W.Turner, one of the first watercolorists to inspire me as a young artist, had painted on the hillside of a village I would be visiting. I was eager to translate my impressions of the Umbrian countryside into paintings on cold pressed cotton paper, a paper handcrafted since 1267 in Fabriano, several hours from where I would be staying.

The details, colors and forms that inspired the series include old vines heavy with clusters of violet grapes. Chalky alabaster cliffs dotting the valley beyond the vines. Cerulean rippling streams moving silently through a maze of viridian green. Purple-black olives in groves that undulated over the hillside, ready for harvest. And the indigo hues that dominate the famed pottery of Deruta. Everyday life can be stressful, my intention is to interpret and share a small slice of the beauty and serenity I discovered in Umbria.

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