• Jan Heaton Studio

found. beauty observed.

Jan Heaton’s art quietly unravels a story that creates an emotional connection with the viewer and reminds us of a feeling, place, or time. A quest for the natural beauty that surrounds us, her paintings are inspired by the structure, color, and patterns in nature. Working in watercolor, her organic forms integrate with the texture of the heavy cotton paper. The marks, pigment selections, and translucent layers are precise, thoughtful, and carefully planned.

Jan’s observations on how color influences our well-being are translated into a visual escape. A reverent personal journey created by thousands of stories, life experiences, and what brings her peace, inform Jan’s desire to offer a new perspective on familiar forms.  She opens a window to the beauty she finds in her world and offers it up for the interpretation of the viewer in her works.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Jan Heaton is a third-generation artist. Her artwork is represented by galleries and art dealers in Austin, San Antonio, San Francisco, and Atlanta. She teaches workshops at Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Mexican Culinary Traditions, Oklahoma Arts Institute, the Contemporary Austin Art School, and the Peninsula School of Art.

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