line. color. movement

An appreciation for the intricacies of line and color was introduced to me at an early age. My dad, Kenneth Gordon Nief, was a sign painter and display artist in Detroit, who taught me the fluidity of beautiful letterforms. I learned calligraphy from him, borrowing his chiseled brushes, speedball pens, ink, and poster paints. As an enthusiastic apprentice I quickly discovered how a well-executed line was capable of dancing across a page.  The forms were like music. It was all a little mysterious, but a wonderful secret we shared.

Today I recall the same skills my dad taught me as he created the lyrical, fluid, moving lines. His mentorship still influences my art. The movement in my work, watercolors on Fabriano cold press paper, is created with the repetition of organic forms, fluid lines, and translucent veils of color that are contemplative and precise. In the end my vision is to create a permanent visual space that influences a sense of well-being. My art is the sum of everything I know, remember, and love.

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