mandalas for kristin


September 2017

My dear daughter, Kristin Heaton Peabody, has stage 4 metastatic parotid cancer, a rare head and neck cancer. Kristin and her family lived in Austin until last year when they moved to California for medical treatment at Moores Cancer Center-UCSD. Kristin is no longer a candidate for conventional treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. She is currently on a clinical trial immunotherapy treatment.

In August 2017  we launched the Peabody Fund on with a goal of raising $1,100,000 by November 30. We have reached and exceeded our goal! This money will give eleven patients, including Kristin, the opportunity to be in a personal vaccine clinical trial at UCSD, a treatment that is the future for cancer care and eradication. The trial will begin in Summer 2018. Through the research of Dr. Ezra Cohen, one of the leading oncologists in personalized immunotherapy, and $1,100,000 in project funds, this trial will get off the ground. The concept is to create a personalized vaccine, specifically formatted to an individual’s genetic sequencing and the specific mutation of their cancer. There is much research behind this technique, but this would be one of only a handful of trials – with all doctors racing to find the cure. It can be the difference between life and death.

On September 23, 2017 we had a fundraiser event at the Davis Gallery in Austin. Mandalas for Kristin – Benefitting the Peabody Fund – The Cancer Vaccine Project. There was a silent auction of mandalas created by 75 of my artist friends. We raised over $30,000 in two hours selling almost all of the mandalas. Art is love. Art heals.

Thank you to my artist friends for their support, talent, and friendship.
Stella Alesi, Kathleen Ash, Lisa Beaman, Rebecca Bennett, Ave Bonar, Marc Burckhardt, Nora McMillen Burke, Sean Carnegie, Wendy Carnegie, Ali Cavanaugh, Valérie Chaussonnet, Mark Cobrin, Ryan Coover, Laurel Daniel, Patrick Diaz, Susan Doré, Malou Flato, Virginia Fleck, Randal Ford, Laurie Frick, Clair Gaston, Kevin Greenblat, Tom Grodek, Joseph Hammer, Susanne Harrington, Shawn Harrington, Gina Hawes, Gretchen Hicks, Danielle Ivester,   Kevin Ivester, Honora Jacob, Roi James, Lawrence Jolly, David Kampa, Marcellina Kampa, Peter Kane, Matt Lankes, O. Rufus Lovett, Heidi Miller Lowell, Kiki Margiotta, Nancy McMillen, Wyatt McSpadden, Ellery Nief, Glenn Nief, Raina Nief, Michael O’Brien, Paulina Perera-Riveroll, Malota Perera-Riveroll, Andrea Pramuk, Gretchen Reed, Becky Rehder, Kerry Ridley, Debbi Smith Rourke, Jeanine Coupe Ryding, Kerry Schroeder, Albert Scherbarth, Amy Scofield, Isa Catto Shaw, Aletha St.Romain, Elaine I-Ling Shen, Julie Spako, DJ Stout, Lonni Swanson, Allison Heaton Thomas, India Tresselt, Christine Vaillancourt, Sara Vanderbeek, Lori Walls, Rachel English, Patricia Ramos White, Sydney Yeager, Sharon Zeugin