calm | a journey

Restoration – 30 x 30

Slow, repetitious swirling lines, moving quietly through white space. Reminiscent of a waltz, a love song, or the garden you watch impatiently every morning for signs of change. Each individual brushstroke building a place of calm, renewal, and healing. Inspired by nature and reaching in to the heart.

Making marks. One after another, after another, after another. The brush is quiet, but I feel the beginning of a dance as the watercolor marks slowly appear. Repetitive. Calming. Introspective. Seeking peace and renewal. My focus the past five years has been how line, color, and form can alter our sense of well-being. The new work inspired by living with my daughter during her cancer treatment in California, and my morning walks by the ocean in Laguna Beach that were my tranquil refuge. Seeking peace. Now. I am slowly healing, learning more about art therapy, grief, and its importance on this journey. Repetitive marks, spheres, color, and rhythmic lines, lifting the spirit, and hopefully communicating a tranquil place.

Blue – 30 x 30 Image | Sold

Release 40 x 40  | Sold

Laguna – 40 x 30  | Sold

Verde 1 – 40 x 30

Flow 3- 60 x 40  | Sold

Flora 2 – 35 x 35 | Sold