ANDERSON RANCH ARTS CENTER | Snowmass, Colorado | August 16 -20, 2021

Title: Details in Nature
Nature walks have partially inspired the watercolors of Jan Heaton the past five years. This workshop will guide the class through the steps of her creative process, and how this inspiration translates her observations into graphic and bold watercolors. You will learn how to simplify and abstract subject matter, and observe details in nature with a new perspective. Basic techniques will be integrated: drawing, painting, color mixing, design and composition. Demonstrations and one-on-one instruction will provide the foundation for your exploration. This is a level two course and previous watercolor experience is required. The workshop is limited to ten students.
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PENINSULA SCHOOL OF ART | Door County, Wisconsin | October 11 – 14, 2021

Title: Abstractions in Watercolor
Designed for those with minimal watercolor experience, this workshop invites you to find a balance between the spontaneous and controlled qualities of the medium. Build a foundation in traditional and experimental watercolor techniques, explore the evolution of an abstract form from observed reality, and develop a new visual language. Presentations and group discussions introduce you to abstract image-making, while demonstrations focus on the various watercolor techniques and tools that can be utilized to create a finished painting. Come prepared with a singular subject, such as a leaf, sketch, or object found in nature, and from that source, learn how to subtract, isolate, redefine, and translate the information into abstract compositions. Jan provides one-on-one feedback throughout the process. Expect to leave this workshop with a small series of works that explore your one central subject. Students from all stylistic backgrounds are welcome, however the non-representational style if emphasized.
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2021 workshop dates to come.

Kristin’s Garden, 4 x 4″ and 2 x 4″ watercolor studies on Fabriano 300# soft press paper