Cancelled | Corona Pandemic
THE CONTEMPORARY AUSTIN ART SCHOOL | Austin, Texas | April 25 -26, 2020

Cancelled | Corona Pandemic
LEMON HOUSE – Process over Product  | Austin, Texas | May 23, 2020

Cancelled | Corona Pandemic
ANDERSON RANCH ARTS CENTER | Snowmass, Colorado | August 10-14, 2020

5.6.2020 – The following workshop is still scheduled.
PENINSULA SCHOOL OF ARTS | Door County, Wisconsin | October 12 -15, 2020

Register on their website: Peninsula School of Art.  There are still a few openings as of 2/28/2020.
Course Title: Abstractions in Watercolor. Course Description: Designed for those with minimal watercolor experience, this workshop invites you to find a balance between the spontaneous and controlled qualities of the medium. Build a foundation in traditional and experimental watercolor techniques, explore the evolution of an abstract form from observed reality, and develop a new visual language. Presentations and group discussions introduce you to abstract image-making, while demonstrations focus on the various watercolor techniques and tools that can be utilized to create a finished painting. Come prepared with a singular subject, such as a leaf, sketch, or object found in nature, and from that source, learn how to subtract, isolate, redefine, and translate the information into abstract compositions. Jan provides one-on-one feedback throughout the process. Expect to leave this workshop with a small series of works that explore your one central subject. Students from all stylistic backgrounds are welcome, however the non-representational style if emphasized. Supplies are not included. Tuition is $450 for Members, $490 for non-members.  Travel and accommodations are not included.

Kristin’s Garden, 4 x 4″ and 2 x 4″ watercolor studies on Fabriano 300# soft press paper